Smart waste collection

Binando increases the efficiency for waste collection companies through collecting and analysing data of waste bins.

That is Binando

Dynamic Routes

Until now, the collection of waste and recyclables are done with fixed schedules, where each waste container is emptied every day or every week, regardless of whether they are full or not. Binando changes this thanks to intelligent wireless sensors, which collects the data level of the waste container. The service then automatically generates demand schedules and optimized routes.

Easy-to-use Service

All analyzes, assessments and reports can be easily seen through our easy-to-use web service. Our tablet application helps your drivers to find the optimal route and allows you to report problems directly on the Tablet.

Increased Efficiencies

Waste collections based on Binandos smart plans reduce costs, emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise and hours of work. Binando offers direct cost savings in waste logistics of up to 50%.


Million tons of waste per day worldwide


Percent of the waste is recycled or reused


times as much garbage produced a townsman towards a country resident

  • It is our earth.
    It let us happen unforgettable moments and shapes our lives.

  • There is only one earth and we have currently no alternative.
    Therefore, we must also take care of it.

  • Binando would contribute to improving the environment by generating optimized routes for garbage trucks and encourage the people of our Earth for waste separation.

Binando, the right tool for your smart waste collections

You don't need technical know-how.

We take care of software and hardware so you can concentrate on your core business.

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Software as a Service

We offer an all-in-one solution from hardware including maintenance and software to a dashboard directly from the cloud.

Simple Pricing

You pay per month and container and can add more anytime.


We support you, whether you want to equip a small place, a county or a country.

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